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Access any of these services for an additional fee when renting any of our properties to create an unforgettable experience.We created unique services so that you can live out all of the adventure that Belize has to offer.

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Exclusive Tours

Discover  all the wonders that Belize has to offer  through our exclusive tour options.


From the most beautiful beaches to the ruins of the Ancient Mayan civilizations, Belize has something for everyone.

Private Chef Services

Hiring a private chef has never been easier!


Sit-back and relax while one of our highly skilled chefs WOW’S your guests with a truly unique Belizean dining experience. Not only will the chef prepare your menu, but they will shop and clean too. This is the ultimate “at-home” dining experience!

Event Planner

Planning your destination wedding, anniversary or event ? Not a problem!  We have a team of professionals ready to help.

Air Transfers

Forget the worries of “how to’s” and let us handle the details for you. We are an agent of Maya  Island Air and can easily get you to/from San Pedro, as well as arrange shuttle service to/from the island air terminal.

Golf Cart Rentals

Wanna have the full island experience and move without limitations? Golf carts are the main-mode of transportation on the island, and your best option to explore freely, and we can easily arrange a rental for you.